Car free Colombo is collaboration by the Colombo Municipal Council and the embassy of the Netherlands to rid the streets of cars for a day. The initiative aims to reduce the public's dependence on motor vehicles while promoting a healthier and more sustainable urban lifestyle.

Car Free Day (CFD) is a global movement held in many countries and across many cities with the primary objective of increasing public awareness on the importance of reducing the use of fossil fuels through the adoption of alternative means of transportation.

"Us dutch are very well known for embracing cycling as the preferred method of transport in our cities, and we are seeing the results in our national figures for health and contentment and in reduced rates for road accidents well. The event on Sunday is a great way to bring families together to walk or cycle down these open streets without having to worry about traffic or oncoming vehicles. They can enjoy clean air, and we'll have many fun activities and no plastic on this day. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the beauty of these areas in Colombo, car free"

- Joanne Doornewaard, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sri Lanka -

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