Tin Gana Ella is a small waterfall located in a beautiful village called Sirisamanpura. The village is about 10km from Eheliyagoda town. "Tin Gaana Ella" isn't a famous or big waterfall. Only villagers and few outsiders know about this. I think the reason for this unpopularity is small and hard to reach location and there are a lot of leeches in this area.

We used public transport to reach the location. We got a bus from Colombo to Eheliyagoda then we got a tuk from there to reach Sirisamanpura. We have a friend in this village and his family supported us to reach the waterfall. Because without getting help from villagers, no one will able to reach this place. Only villagers know the route of this waterfall.

We reached the waterfall after one and a half-hour of a long, arduous journey from our friend's house. We had to move along a stream to reach the waterfall. We suffered from leeches attacks from start to the end. There were lots of leeches around the waterfall, so we had to stop the recording and start to fight with them. They were everywhere so we couldn't even lay a hand or foot. After we got a few shots near the waterfall, we returned to our friend's house

Then we got a bathe from the small river near our friend's home. It was amazing. While we are bathing, Our friend's mom prepared delicious Sri Lankan foods for us. After the bathe, we had a chance to taste those delicious foods. Most of them were made by some organic foods that can found inside the village. While we were eating, they shared exciting experiences and stories about the village and their village life. After that stimulating conversation and delicious lunch, we took some photos with them to make memories. Then we goodbye to them and left from there to come back to our homes.

Just let go and fall like a little waterfall

Photos during the journey. Photographed by Nadun Vihanga

“Tin Gaana Ella Waterfall”

“Gem Mining”

“Team at Sirisamanpura”


“On the way to the waterfall”

“On the way to the waterfall”

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