Kottu is a very famous Sri Lankan meal, also known as koththu rotti. Koththu rotti made from ghodamba roti and vegetables mixed with eggs, meats and spices.

Kottulabs is one of the famous places in Colombo that serving delicious kottu meals. They are serving different types of kottu meals like Cheese Kottu, Beef Kottu, Dalla Kottu, Crab Kottu, Pittu Kottu, and more meals and snacks. Chefs in Kottulabs prepare clean and delicious kottu with high-quality ingredients. They have customer-friendly staff, and their customer service is very satisfying.

The speciality of Kottulabs is they are organizing foods challenges for their customers. They are choosing a one meal type for a month, and the challenge is, we have to finish the whole meal in 10 minutes. If you won, you don't have to pay for the meal.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience

- James Beard -

Anyone can participate in their food challenge by placing a reservation over the phone or from their web site. My sister and I also participated, but we failed to win. You can see our video on the top of the post.

Well, I will add the contact details of Kottulabs below so if you are interested contact them.

See you in the next post. Love you all!

Kottulabs Contact Number : 0776680000
Kottulabs Web Site :

Meals of Kottulabs

“Dalla Kottu”

“Beef it up!”

“Crabin' with Pittu”

“Kadala Invasion”

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