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As a girl, I'm facing a lot of privacy violation issues on social media. Especially on Instagram and Facebook. Some people create fake accounts and also repost our photos without our permission. You can just visit their profile and report the specific image or video using the Instagram app. But you won't find an option called "Privacy Violation," Especially on Instagram. You can't report photos and videos using the Instagram app if they blocked you from their profile, then you have to get help from your friends. But if you can find the link of the specific image, you can report it using the below methods. Also, if someone is posting your child's photos, you can report them using the below methods.

To report a violation of your privacy on Instagram, use the below link.

To report a violation of your privacy on Facebook, use this link.

Using the above support forms, You can fill in specific details and send the report directly to Instagram or Facebook. You will receive an email after they reviewed your report. This method is more accurate than reporting photos and videos using the Instagram app.

Also, you can report impostor accounts on Facebook and Instagram using the below two links.

Report an impersonation account on Instagram

Report an impostor account on Facebook

When reporting an Instagram or Facebook account, you have to attach a photo contains you holding your ID card or any other relevant document. You can find which forms of IDs Facebook accepts using the below link.

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