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Kegalle District

What can I expect from Kegalle District?

Kegalle distrcit in Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka. It covers an area of 1,693km². The distrct of Kegalle is situated in between the central highlands and western sothern plains and has an enchanting environment. Rubber cultivation has streched over most of the area of the district and minor export crops from the district include cofee, cocoa, pepper, clove and nutmag. Sri Lanka's best graphite mine is situated at Bogala in Kegalla district.

Things to See and Do in Kegalle District

Pinnawala Eliphant Orphanage
Uthuwankanda Mountain
Saradiyel Village
Dedigama Kota Wehera
Hakurugala Rajamaha Viharaya

Alagalla Mountain
Bible Rock (Bathalegala)
Dorawaka Rock Caves
Pethangoda Garden
Salagala Monastery
Kurulu Kele
Makandawa Forest Reserve
Holombuwa Sthripura Gallen Viharaya

“At Uthuwankanda Mountain”

“At Uthuwankanda Mountain”

Our Articles related to Kegalle District

  • Uthuwakanda is one of the most known places in Sri Lanka because this mountain was used by "Uthuwankande Sura Saradiyel," who was also known as "The Robin Hood of Sri Lanka" to hide from the British government that ruled Sri


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