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Ratnapura District

What can I expect from Ratnapura District?

Ratnapura district in Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka. Ratnapura district also know as the gem mining center of Sri Lanka. The district of Ratnapura is situated in between southern plain and the hill country to the east. A busting market city serving most of the sorrounding towns. Many of the prminent gem dealers in Sri Lanka operate from this town. There is route to Sri Pada from Ratnapura direction. The surrounding area is a popular trekking destination and a good place for bird watching.

Things to See and Do in Ratnapura District

Sri Pada
Sri Sumana Saman Dewalaya
Katugas Ella (Waterfall)
Sankhapala Rajamaha Viharaya

Gem Mines
Udawalawe National Park
Sinharaja Forest Reserve
Bopath Ella (Waterfall)
Dehena Ella (Waterfall)
Alupola Ella (Waterfall)
Kirindi Ella (Waterfall)
Duwili Ella (Waterfall)
Mapalana Ella (Waterfall)

“Tin Gaana Ella (Waterfall)”

Tin Gaana Ella (Waterfall)


“On the way to Tin Gaana Ella”

Our Articles related to Ratnapura District?

  • Tin gana ella is a small waterfall located in a beautiful village called Sirisamanpura. The village is about 10km from Eheliyagoda town.


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